Working with Educational Institutions

IPSE recognises that with so many career options available to young people, providing them with up to date information on all opportunities can be challenging. An increasing number of young people are starting up their own businesses and freelancing whilst studying, or shortly after. Yet there is less information available on pursuing this way of working compared to full-time employment. As experts in self-employment, freelancing, consulting and contracting, IPSE is here to help HE and FE institutions support young people who are considering this independent way of working. 

Talks and Workshops

We offer talks and workshops to schools, colleges and universities to help support young people understand what starting their own business entails and develop their knowledge of becoming a self-employed professional.

Our Talks Include:

  • An introduction to freelancing – what is freelancing and what could I do?
  • The benefits and challenges of self-employment
  • How to get started – the practical processes of setting up and running your own business
  • Top tips on running your own business – basics of finances and marketing yourself

We typically work with Year 10 students through to university students and recent graduates.

If you would like IPSE to hold a talk or workshop on becoming self-employed, let us know and we will be delighted to provide our expert knowledge on freelancing to your students. We are also available to provide advice and support at careers, progression or part-time jobs fairs.

IPSE University Partnership

IPSE University Partners benefit from a broad range of support, resources, materials and student benefits to ensure young people have the most up to date information on pursuing an independent career. IPSE University Partnership also demonstrates commitment to supporting students pursue careers as freelancers, independent professionals and self-employed professionals.

Benefits include:

  • Careers advisors will have access to student toolkits and resources specifically designed to provide careers advice
  • Priority booking for talks, workshops and events 
  • Your educational institution will receive a subscription to IPSE Magazine as a resource for students 
  • Access to IPSE's fortnightly newsletter with updates on the world of freelancing 
  • Your educational institution will be entered into the IPSE Awards with the chance to win the IPSE University Partner of the Year Award demonstrating dedication to supporting students wishing to pursue an independent way of working
  • Opportunity to supply relevant editorial content for IPSE Magazine and newsletter 
  • Right to carry IPSE logo on university / department website 
  • Invitation to sit on IPSE’s education and training steering committee to help develop policy in this area 

Plus the students at your university will receive the following benefits:

  • £5 off IPSE Student membership for all current students (unlimited no.)
  • Priority booking for member events e.g. networking and knowledge building
  • £35 off IPSE Standard membership on graduation (must be within one year of graduation)

Contact us now to book a talk or enquire about becoming an IPSE University Partner.

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