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ItsInternational Limited


For over 30 years, the team at ItsInternational has made it easy for consultants and interims of all nationalities wanting to contract their services overseas safely and securely. All benefit from our tailored, country-specific, tax-efficient operating structures and contract management services which are constantly evolving to meet ever-changing legislation.

Summary of services

  • We work closely with our global network of locally-regulated accountants and lawyers to ensure you fully benefit from a personalised programme of fully-compliant, tax and financial planning. In this way you can attain the highest, legally achievable, net income retention from your overseas contract.
  • Our highly-experienced, independently-vetted and locally-registered service providers provide special immigration and employment structures for you in countries where this is necessary.
  • We assess and provide you with ongoing guidance on minimising commercial and statutory risks associated with fixed-term overseas assignments.
  • All our approved operating structures feature legal and meaningful tax planning as well as ensuring you receive your contract income accurately and on time.
  • We arrange direct advice and ongoing support for you from locally-based, regulated accountancy specialists ensuring expert and individual guidance in business / personal tax planning and compliance.
  • We can also provide a UK or a local ‘one-man’ limited company should either be a more practical and efficient option for you in your country of work.
  • We make your overseas contracting life simple, secure and rewarding. To find out more, speak to us today!