Ever since we were established as PCG back in 1999 to fight IR35, campaigning to improve the policy landscape for contractors and freelancers has been at the heart of what we do. IR35 still exists, but thousands of members have been protected as a result of our lobbying. Our approach has broadened over the years, and we have led successful campaigns on everything from the intra-company transfer visa system to late payment.

Having visited Downing Street five times during 2016, the voice of IPSE members is heard at the very top table. This importance was recognised when we won the Most Effective Voice award at the Association Awards for our successful campaign to ensure ‘personal service companies’ would be exempt from changes to travel and subsistence expenses.

2017 is set to be a pivotal year for self-employment, with the government identifying the rise in incorporations as an important factor in falling tax receipts. IPSE will be engaging with Treasury to highlight the vital contribution the self-employed make to the UK economy. Government is also focusing on the rise in the “gig economy” and what this should mean for the regulatory environment around self-employment. IPSE will play an important role in the Taylor Review government has commissioned, outlining the need for an agreed definition of self-employment and more work to separate out different types of self-employed people.

IPSE’s policy team will of course continue to press for a more common sense approach to IR35. We will contest the changes in the public sector, which will hurt contractors and have significant cost and resource implications for government departments. We will also be pressing to ensure that further damage is avoided and the changes are not rolled out into the private sector too.

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