Small Business Advice Week: How IPSE can help you

When we were founded in 1999 we were essentially a single-issue campaign group. Now though, we’ve evolved to become much, much more: a body representing and supporting the self-employed workforce in every sector. The self-employed are often the least-resourced to prepare for any issues; our mission is to ensure that you, the lifeblood of the UK economy, can access the support you need.

As part of our advice series for Small Business Advice Week, here are some of the ways IPSE can help you:

Expecting the unexpected

Our members are good at dealing with turbulent times. Every business has good months and bad months – but there are some things you just can’t prevent and a safety net is always welcome. So if you’re ill, we’ll help cover some of your lost earnings. If you’re given jury duty, we’ll reimburse you for up to two weeks. And if an agency breaks their contract, we’ll provide financial support for that too.

On hand to help

Enlisting lawyers and accountants for advice can be expensive. But IPSE members have access to free tax and legal helplines all year round - so you can always access expert support.

Preparing for your future

It’s not always easy to save for retirement and beyond – especially when there’s no employer to make a contribution. With this in mind, we’ve negotiated a discounted rate with a specialist pensions provider, plus heavily subsidised life assurance and private medical insurance. Who said it has to be complicated?

Making sure you’re not caught out

Writing up a contract can be one of the most complex parts of the job – and unfortunately, it’s also one of the most important. We can help you make sure yours is absolutely watertight, with a detailed report offering any appropriate amendments, so you can always be sure you’re in the right.

Saving you money

If you buy Apple or Dell products, take out a gym membership or shop at Sainsbury’s, you’ll receive discounts as an IPSE member – and on over 2000 other brands too.

Sharpening your skills

Time spent on training is, admittedly, time spent not earning. And when your sales department, HR team and finance guru are all you, it can be difficult to find a few spare minutes in the working week – let alone an entire day. But staying at the top of your game is paramount for the self-employed. That’s why we created IPSE Academy, a way for our members to access thousands of courses – in everything from core business skills to advanced technical disciplines – that you can fit around work.

Making your voice heard

Our crack team of policy experts constantly engage with decision-makers in Westminster and Holyrood to ensure the needs of the self-employed are firmly on their radar. We conduct ground-breaking research to find out about the issues you’re facing, and meet with politicians up to and including the Prime Minister to make sure microbusinesses come first.




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