New strategy a missed opportunity for Scottish Government, say self-employed

The Scottish Government has missed a massive opportunity to endorse and encourage the growing army of Scots who have joined the growing self-employed sector.

In 'Scotland's Labour Market Strategy', a 43 page report, the self-employed sector, which stands just below 300,000 in Scotland, is mentioned just once, to question whether working for yourself is a good or bad thing.

IPSE's Senior Policy Advisor Adam Waters said:

"We find the lack of understanding and support for this sector surprising as Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and many senior figures within the party have on several occasions praised the role of the self-employed, and lauded their contribution to the Scottish economy.

"The self-employed account for 12 per cent of the Scottish workforce and the highly skilled self-employed are crucial to the success of the Scottish economy as a whole. From oil and gas to the games industry, they're providing innovation in almost every sector and the Scottish Government urgently needs to recognise this.

"The reasons many people become self-employed are very clear. People value the freedom of being their own boss and the ability to achieve a better work life balance. The Scottish Government should be promoting self-employment as a good option for young people and focus on creating a positive environment to do business."


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