IR35 proposal: meet your MP

The government’s proposal to change the way contractors are taxed in the public sector is a disaster. It is something IPSE, business groups and it seems even HMRC themselves agree on.

We have urged you in the past to write to your MP and take a stand with IPSE.  Many of you have done so, with some using our template later, and we’re extremely grateful and supportive of this.

Now we ask you to take it one step further and meet with your MP.

On most Friday’s and weekends, MPs will leave Parliament and return to their constituency to allow for one to one meetings with their constituents to discuss personal and policy matters. This is often called an advice surgery.

How to set up a meeting

Ring up or write to your MP’s office and ask for one to one meeting. Ideally, set up a meeting for Friday 21 October – which is just over a month away from the Autumn Statement. We’d like to get as many people across the country meeting their MP to discuss this issue on the same day. It will have a much bigger impact.

Most MPs will hold their surgery at their office address, however some may hold them elsewhere – so double check with the MP’s office on where you’ll be meeting.

You can find their office address by visiting or

When ringing or writing to the office, include your contact details, the details of why you’d like to meet and let them know what you've already done (i.e. if you’ve already written to them over this proposal).

It can sometimes take a little while to get a full response from your MP, so if you’re emailing or sending a letter, try and get in touch sooner rather than later.

Your meeting

When meeting your MP, it’s important to have a plan of what you’ll be discussing. Here are some points you can cover:

  • how the proposed change will affect your business (be clear and to the point)
  • how it will affect the projects you work on (and what those projects are)
  • what steps you will take if the proposal is implemented (will you stop working for public sector clients; put up your day rate; or stop contracting altogether)
  • how you will be denied employment rights, despite paying employment taxes
  • what action do you want the MP to take (e.g. urge the new Chancellor to reconsider)
  • if the proposal doesn’t affect you yet – will it put you off working in the public sector in the future?

It is worth writing to your MP after the meeting to say a ‘thank you’ even if they don’t support your concerns. This can also give you another opportunity to remind them of the issue and check in with them on any action that may have been agreed.

Time to unite

IPSE is doing all it can to fight this proposal. We’ve visited the Prime Minister, we’ve held roundtables with HMRC and our members, we’ve submitted a consultation response to government, we’ve appeared in the media, and we’ve written countless blogs on the subject.

We need to leave this Government in no doubt of how damaging the reform will be.

Let us know how the meeting goes by emailing

Take a stand with IPSE, and let’s ensure the government abandons this proposal. 

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