IPSE welcomes launch of FSB report into self-employed

IPSE welcomes the findings of a new report on self-employment, published by the Federation of Small Businesses. The report, ‘Going it alone, moving on up: supporting self-employment in the UK’ echoes IPSE’s calls to enhance maternity pay and improve pension provision for the self-employed.

Commenting on the report, IPSE Director of Policy & External Affairs, Simon McVicker, said:

“This report draws more attention to the important issues faced by the UK’s self-employed community. People who work for themselves love what they do, but more can be done to support those who make the brave decision to become self-employed.

Our manifesto published in the autumn of 2014 called for a series of policies which would taken together made the self-employed's life easier. We’re delighted to see how so many of the FSB's findings back up what IPSE members tell us. They want access to fair maternity pay, more flexible pension offerings and mortgage products that meet the specific needs of the self-employed.

“There is much here the IPSE and the FSB can agree on and we commend them for adding to the existing body of research about the self-employed.”

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