IPSE react to “crackdown” on gig economy companies

IPSE has today (Friday 21 October) responded to HMRC launching a specialist unit to crackdown on ‘gig economy’ firms.

Simon McVicker, IPSE Director of Policy & External Affairs, commented: “The labour market is changing rapidly and Government must make sure employment and tax legislation keeps pace. There is a justified worry that unscrupulous employers are exploiting their workers by falsely labelling them as self-employed. If a worker is engaged like an employee, they must have employment protections.

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s request for Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of RSA, to lead a wide-ranging review of workers’ rights and practices. This will provide more clarity on how employment relationships fit into new business models.

“However we are very surprised to learn that Jane Ellison MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, has ordered HMRC to crackdown on ‘gig economy’ companies before the Taylor Review has even started. It is essential that there is agreement between business and Government on what exactly self-employment is, until then, there will continue to be confusion.”

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