IPSE Magazine Goes Digital

For eight years the IPSE magazine has brought the most up-to-date and relevant information to the community that we represent, first under the title of Freelancing Matters, and later evolving into the IPSE Magazine. This evolution cemented it as a publication covering all issues relating to freelancers, contractors, independent professionals and the self-employed.

During this time, the magazine has reported on every major event, whether political, social, and technological or otherwise, that relates to the self-employed. It has also done much more besides in offering investigative features on current trends. Contributing articles have been written by some of the most talented freelance writers working in the UK today.

It remains the UK's only magazine dedicated to freelance business, lifestyle and policy issues. The magazine will now be online only, but don’t worry, we’ll still be delivering the same amount of quality news relevant to people who work for themselves.

All of our regular features will continue, from in depth analysis of important political developments through to popular city guides and affordable tech columns. You can read all as individual articles, or download a copy of the full magazine to read later.

Visit the new website today and follow @IPSEmag on twitter for all the latest news. 
IPSE Magazine

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