Freelancers condemn TUC’s misunderstanding of tax system
Freelancers condemn TUC’s misunderstanding of tax system

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG), which represents the UK’s freelancers, has written to the TUC condemning its report on ‘tax avoidance’.

Writing to TUC general secretary Brendan Barber, PCG’s managing director John Brazier said, “We certainly believe that a serious debate about the fundamental structure of the UK’s tax system is needed. Unfortunately, we feel that this report lacks the necessary clarity of vision to stimulate one, and instead entrenches long-standing misconceptions about taxation in the UK.”

Mr Brazier also pointed out the weaknesses of the report’s analysis of the proposed new legislation on ‘income shifting’: “The proposed legislation will not penalise the ‘seriously wealthy’, but will instead harm hard-working small business owners who have structured their businesses in line with long-standing government advice. As a major disincentive to enterprise, we feel it will hamper job creation and social mobility in the UK: we are therefore surprised not to see the TUC expressing concern at the proposals.”

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