Entrepreneurs enjoy shorter commute and more time

Entrepreneurs enjoy shorter commute and more time

Entrepreneurs who start their own business save around 120 hours a year, the equivalent to more than three working weeks, just by avoiding the daily commute.

That is the conclusion of an Abbey Business Banking study which found that over a third of SME bosses travel less than one hour per week for work.

On average, an entrepreneur commutes for just five hours and 25 minutes per week – a full 2.5 hours less than those employed by others.

Abbey Business Banking's Paula Ickinger explained that the extra time helps the entrepreneur on a number of levels.

"The considerable time saving enables SME bosses to invest more time into their business and also their personal lives," she said.

"The result, in many cases, is an improved standard of living."

Of all the business sectors looked at by the study, business services offered the shortest commute, with almost six in ten (57 per cent) entrepreneurs saying they travelled for less than an hour per week.

As a business starts out, it is often feasible to work from home, meaning more time can be spent building the businesses.

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