The "entrepreneurial state” needs a flexible economy

IPSE has today responded to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s Labour Party Conference speech.

Simon McVicker, IPSE Director of Policy and External Affairs, said:The Shadow Chancellor today called for an ‘entrepreneurial state’. Labour shouldn’t forget that to be an entrepreneurial state, you need a flexible economy. This prized flexibility comes from a 1.9 million strong freelance community. These people are the highly-skilled healthcare experts, IT consultants and education professionals and they must be recognised too. Last year they contributed £109 billion to the UK economy and for many of them, it makes sense to stay small. They don’t wish to upscale.

On additional welfare rights for the self-employed

Most self-employed people are happy with the trade-off they make between the employment rights they forego and the flexibility they get in return. Six in 10 (61%) of the people who go freelance do so to gain control over the hours they work. Labour should be careful not to undermine this flexibility, which sets the UK apart from competing European economies.

On additional funding for workhubs

These spaces are ideal for fostering innovation and creativity among freelancers, bringing microbusinesses together and ultimately creating a more collaborative economy. It’s right to support their expansion across the UK.”

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