Companies exploiting workers must face consequences

IPSE has today responded to the news that courier firm Hermes faces calls for an HMRC investigation into its engagement of self-employed workers.

Simon McVicker, Director of Policy and External Affairs, said: “It is right for HMRC to investigate this very serious issue. A minority of unscrupulous firms are taking on workers and treating them as employees – but under the guise of self-employment – and denying them the basic employment rights they’re entitled to.

“The vast majority of the self-employed workforce love what they do and have no desire to be given the same rights as employees, but those who should in fact be employees must be guaranteed rights such as a minimum wage, sick pay and holiday pay.

“It’s essential the Government makes an example of companies that try to circumvent the rules – and makes clear that using “bogus self-employment” purely as a means to cut costs is completely unacceptable.”  

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