Amid all the chaos some good news for IT freelancers

Amid all the chaos some good news for IT freelancers

With the credit crunch and ensuing financial meltdown affecting everyone from homeowners to businesses and the fat cats at the banks, IT freelancers would be forgiven for having a pessimistic outlook at the moment.

But amid all the chaos is some good news, with a recent study saying that the majority of small businesses in the UK are set to increase spending on IT, meaning an increased chance of work for freelancers.

The CompTIA survey looked at SMEs in the UK and North America and found that the number of UK businesses looking to increase their spend had risen by two per cent to just over half.

Conversely, only 12 per cent of US and 10 per cent of Canadian businesses have similar plans.

The research also showed that a number of businesses in the UK are looking to defy the financial climate, with 40 per cent of SMEs saying they intend to open up to five new locations within the coming 12 months.

"In the past, tech spending might have been one of the first line items slashed in a tough economy," said CompTIA President Todd Thibodeaux.

"Today, SMEs are savvier because they rely on technology for an increasing amount of their core business operations.

It's encouraging to see that the majority SMEs plan to maintain, if not increase, current tech spending during this time of economic uncertainty."

This will be a boost to freelancers and comes as a rare piece of good news following reported IT job losses over the last year.

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