Employers will have to make arrangements for most of their workers to join an 'Automatic Enrolment' pension scheme and, in due course contribute at least 3% of a band of earnings. Companies will be required to make these arrangements between now and February 2018.

These two documents provide you with:

  • Information on who is eligible for auto-enrolment
  • A high-level overview to Auto-Enrolment with useful sources of further information

Many IPSE members will be exempted from having to auto-enrol if any one of the following criteria apply:-

  • you're a sole director company, with no other staff
  • your company has a number of directors, none of whom has an employment contract
  • your company has a number of directors, only one of whom has an employment contract
  • your company has ceased trading
  • your company has gone into liquidation
  • your company has been dissolved
  • you no longer employ people in your home (cleaners, nannies, personal care assistants, etc)

Automatic enrolment duties will apply if more than one director has a contract of employment.

Some companies may need to inform the Pensions Regulator that they are exempt and a good starting place for this can be found on the Pensions Regulator website.

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