Following his talk at a recent IPSE event in Bristol, James Potter of divulges his top five tips for success through using LinkedIn.

Social media has been grabbing headlines for years with an array of statistics such as over 350 million business people are on the planet. You’re just trying to find the one person you need, but how and what do you need to know and do?

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for executives and business professionals which has grown to over 175 million members. It continues to grow at an additional million users a week and now LinkedIn contains more than one third of the business people on the planet! LinkedIn lets you leverage the people you know to reach the people they know, get warm introductions and access to people you could never reach with a cold call. It bridges the gap between you and those you want to know and, if you use it right, it will even send you emails about the people you want to meet that your friends already know.

Five top LinkedIn tips

  1. Ensure your profile is full of value - Most profiles are full of facts, which we all assume people reading our profile will translate into value - wrong. We need to stop being so very British about it and share the outcomes, difference and successes we bring through the ‘facts’ on our profiles.
  2. Network expansion - Have a strategy to expand your network. Consider who you want to meet, where they go. Do you want a wide network with lots of connections or a deep network with fewer connections?
  3. Review your home page and update your status - LinkedIn runs a bread crumb trail of all the activity of your closest connections right on your homepage on LinkedIn. Every network update, every status message, connection and question you ask or answer appears there, as do all your closest connections. Posting an update message telling everyone else what you’re up to, its value and the outcome you’re generating for clients. You can find out more here
  4. Get a company profile - The question I get asked a lot is “What is the most important bit on LinkedIn?” - to find the people you want to meet it has to be the advanced search, followed by the company profile. The company page lets you demonstrate your range of services and put it in context of the viewer, so it appears just for them. The more intricate details of posting an update can be found here

Don’t stand on the outside and watch

With over 175 million users on LinkedIn it is just like a large room full of the people you’d like to meet, just like a big networking session. Don’t just stand on the outside and ‘wait for magic’ get started, get engaged, share things and help people.

You have to engage with people, invest in them, share with them and, yes, help them before they will appreciate you, your value and your efforts. Go on, invest a little, the returns are fabulous.

James Potter is available to help in any way with LinkedIn, networking or for more information on specialised training courses. You can complete his contact form here, email or call 07802 392925.

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