Advice for clients of freelancers

Freelancers work across all sectors, from HR to IT, graphic design to engineering, at every corporate level – from the boardroom down.  Freelancers bring flexibility, help you to manage risk and to unlock innovation and talent within your business.  Freelancers can plug in rapidly to your business to bolster expertise and improve speed to market.   While your competitor is thinking about it, you could have a team of freelancers delivering it!

There are 1.4 million freelancers in the UK and the flexibility added by this community is contributing some £21 Billion to UK GDP - the value of this resource has never been more significant.

"Labour market flexibility will remain the UK's real competitive advantage."  Richard Lambert, CBI 

Are you harnessing the flexible advantage in your business?

Organisations are increasingly turning to the freelance workforce in order to stay agile, innovative and highly competitive in their markets.