Philip Ross

Philip was one of the founding members of the IPSE in 1999 and served on its first board as External Affairs Director. He undertook the role of lobbying government and helping to deal with the media. He directly met with government ministers including Dawn Primarolo and others and help IPSE successfully change the originally IR35 proposals.

Later, on IPSE's behalf, he joined the Home Office’s skills panel and helped to successfully persuade them to effectively close down their damaging fast-track visa scheme. He has documented much of this in his book - 'Freedom to Freelance - beginning the fight against IR35'.

After a break of some ten years iIn 2016 he returned as a freelancer and rejoined IPSE and was elected again to the Consultative Council. Outside of IPSE, he is a well known activist and campaigner on self employment. He has written many articles for sites as diverse as ContractorUK, Shout99, LabourList, Progress and Compass. He is a member of the CRSE think tank. Also, this year contributed to work done by the Social Market Foundation. He co-authored the influential report 'Not Alone - trade union and co-operatives solutions for the self employed' for Co-operatives(UK). He also co-authored the report 'Freelancing Agenda' for the Labour Party's business group.

As a result of his campaigning and policy work, he has strong national and international links with unions, co-ops and networks of the self employed and groups in the UK and groups like the Freelancers' Union in the USA.

He works for his own limited company - the Great Digital Company - selling his services as a freelance agile business analyst in financial services and media. He specialises in digital transformation projects. He is married with 3 children and lives in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire.