The IPSE Board of Directors

IPSE’s Chairman and Board of Directors are responsible for the organisation's strategic direction to ensure the UK’s 2 million independent professionals are supported and represented at the highest level. The Board of Directors are elected by the Consultative Council.

IPSE Consultative Council

The IPSE Consultative Council (CC) is an advisory body elected annually from the IPSE membership. Members of the CC monitor, support and inform the board of issues raised by the membership. The CC meets three times a year and is responsible for electing six members of the Board of Directors from amongst IPSE's membership.

Annual General Meeting

IPSE holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) each January. All IPSE members are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM. 

The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is to consider and, if thought fit, pass resolutions relating to the annual report of the Board of Directors and IPSE company accounts.

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