IPSE Magazine

IPSE magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that reaches out to the growing army of freelancers, contractors and independent professionals across the UK.

The magazine has become an established part of IPSE's communications programme, featuring news and important policy, tax and legal information, as well as useful articles on a range of matters that are relevant to the freelance contracting community. 

The magazine has a circulation in excess of 30,000, and explores issues right at the heart of the UK’s freelancing community, which is currently 4.6 million strong – a figure that has grown uninterrupted since 2004. On average there are thirteen pages of advertising in each magazine, and as the quality of content and profile of the interviewees improves with each issue, so have the advertisements.

To find out more about advertising, please get in touch with the team on marketing@ipse.co.uk.


IPSE Newsletter

One paid advertisement is available in each issue of IPSE’s fortnightly electronic newsletter, which is distributed to over 40,000 subscribers every fortnight. The advertisement offered is in image and text format, with a word count of up to 100 words and the cost per insertion is £500 + VAT. This is available to IPSE affiliate members only.

To find out more about advertising in the newsletter then get in touch with the team on marketing@ipse.co.uk.