Shadow Business Minister, Ian Murray MP, has backed a nationwide search for the UK’s best self-employed professionals.

The 18th of July saw PCG hold their second Freelancer Moneybox event at the elegant One America Square, writes Nathan Onraet-Wells, Marketing Intern at PCG.

Join us for our industry special episode of PCG Live where our panel of experts will look at freelancing in Public Relations.

According to data from the latest Freelance Confidence Index, released today by PCG, self-employed people should buck the trend for wage stagnation over the next 12 months as day rates for freelancers are expected to rise.

This week’s Cabinet reshuffle has been packed full of surprises and Prime Minister, David Cameron, has shown he is ready for the upcoming general election battle, writes Simon McVicker, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at PCG.

Today’s news from the ONS that self-employment has continued to rise at a record rate is cause for celebration, according to PCG, the representative body for independent professionals. 

Simon McVicker, Director of Policy and External Affairs at PCG, said:

According to the Labour Market Statistics released by the Office of National Statistics today the number of self-employed people increased by 404,000 over the past 12 months to reach 4.58million.
PCG is looking for an experienced Senior Economic Policy Adviser to join its policy and external affairs team. Those interested in the role should submit a CV and covering letter to
Georgios Nikolaidis, PCG’s Economic Adviser, gives his view on the economy in his latest monthly analysis.
Nathan Onraet-Wells, PCG’s new Marketing Intern, gives us his view on freelancing and what it means to young people after a week on the job…
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RT @RosieHLibell: Great to see @IanMurrayMP supporting the search to find Britain's best #selfemployed professionals!
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Press Release: Shadow Business Minister backs search to find UK’s best self-employed professionals
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On LinkedIn? Our CEO, @cjbryce, has written on why freelancing can be a lonely path and how to make it less so!
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#selfemployed to buck wage stagnation trend says our latest #freelanceconfidence index:
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On LinkedIn? Our CEO, @cjbryce, has written on why freelancing can be a lonely path and how to make it less so!
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#selfemployed to buck wage stagnation trend says our latest #freelanceconfidence index:
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Did you miss last night's Freelancer Moneybox? Never fear, you can read the write up on our website now!
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Female #freelancer? Why not join us on Thursday for the second @womanfreelancer event? It's free to attend!
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PCG is on the lookout for a talented economist to join our policy team. More details here:
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On LinkedIn? Our CEO, @cjbryce, has written on why freelancing can be a lonely path and how to make it less so!
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There are now over 4.5million #selfemployed people working in the UK. Are you one of the best? Enter and win £5k!
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Top Stat: Half of all work undertaken by freelancers took place in London and the South East. #freelanceconfidence
18/07/2014 10:45
Top Stat: Almost a 3rd of freelancers saw increase in contract availability in the last quarter. #freelanceconfidence
18/07/2014 10:44
Top Stat: Av length of time freelancers were out of contract just under two and a half weeks. #freelanceconfidence
18/07/2014 10:42
Top Stat: Freelancers expect day rates to rise, bucking the general trend for wage stagnation. #freelanceconfidence
18/07/2014 10:41
Our Q2 #FreelanceConfidence Index is now available. Download here:
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Buffet dinner is has created a lot of conversation. Remember a vital part of freelancing is good networking! #pcgevents
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@darrenfell providing an excellent insight into how to market yourself and your business via LinkedIn #pcgevents
17/07/2014 18:55
1st guest speaker is CEO @cjbryce talking about the benefits of PCG #pcgevents
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if you're interested in getting all your financial questions answered, come along to @FMoneybox at One America square #pcgevents
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Events hall finally complete. Let's hope for a good evening!
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RT @TeamCrunch: Our freelancer event with @insidepcg is about to kick off in 30 mins in Tower Hill, London. Feel free to go along - http://…
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There are now over 4.5million #selfemployed people working in the UK. Are you one of the best? Enter and win £5k!
17/07/2014 14:10
The Women's Freelance Network is running a networking event next Thursday for female small business owners in London.
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RT @BandSFreelancer: New figures from the @ONS show that self-employment is on the rise & @insidepcg say it’s a cause for celebration http:…
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RT @mstelmaszak: Self-employment rises again and continues to drive economic recovery by @insidepcg #freelancing
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Too busy to read our analysis of the @ONS Labour Market stats yesterday? Never fear, it's still available here:
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Are you an Economist looking for an exciting challenge? We're on the lookout for someone just like you:
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Press Release: #selfemployment continues to thrive say latest @ONS stats out today
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Was yesterday's Government #reshuffle good for the #selfemployed? Read @SimonMcVicker's analysis here: